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omg... [15 Sep 2005|11:59pm]
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children = Awesome.

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[27 May 2005|01:41pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

w00t no more school.

Well wednesday was the last day of school.. i had to say it was kinda boring but at least i got to talk to mah two good friends from Spanish II, Karyn and Samantha But lets go back to monday..

actually... xD i went to the hospital again.. but on Monday because i had stomach pain at 3 in the morning.. bleh.. found out i had GallStones and i need surgery.. bleh.. x.x.. i really dont want ta.. i mean.. when i was at the hospital the only two things i was thinking was about is that im alright and nothing ish wrong with me.. and Toby. I prayed to god so much that i was gonna come out clean but, when they did ultrasound on me ( they knocked me out for a hour with >.> an injection) my mom said that she saw that there was something.. and it was kinda big.. so bleh... i didnt goto school.. and i missed two exams..

Well lets skip tuesday because.. i really didnt do anything.. but exams.. now wednesday.. wednesday.. i woke up early and i was suppose to sleep in but my english teacher said maybe i can make up mah exam i missed.. but i found out i couldnt that i have to come May 31 or June 1 to make up exams that i missed.. so bleh to that o_o;. i was suppose to stay in the gym area with other people that exempted.. but.. i said forget that.. because it was hot and i was all alone.. so i went to World History and i told the coach if i could stay in here.. and he said Yah! xD yays! i readed a magazine and fell asleep.. w00t!

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For All Of Ya'll! [24 Dec 2004|09:44pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

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Guess Whos Back.... [13 Nov 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

xD! wow... i havent been here in awhile! o_O hehe well anyways ^_^ nothing much happening today so hee! Bye for now o.o update more laterz!

Oh Bob i found a place where they sell cd but im not sure if you'll buy from here
Heres the cd i wanted


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Bye Bye! [04 May 2004|10:45pm]
see ya'll in three months o_O;

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o.o....... [07 Apr 2004|05:10pm]

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o_o oh my goodness.. [25 Feb 2004|10:56pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

hehe im updating for no reason.. just to say im still alive in some cases.. ^_^ yay for me

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Game of the Week! [03 Feb 2004|03:08pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

^_^ and its Fatal Frame 2! Crimson Butterfly heres some piccys

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Quizzes [29 Jan 2004|04:47pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

On which planet you should live on?

feeling are you?

I took the fruity fruit quiz

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O thou a good day today [23 Jan 2004|05:56pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I thought today was going to be crappy. But i was wrong indeed. I wake up like every morning and turn on the t.v which is always on cartoon network.. and Yugi-Oh is about to start. Yeah i fell back asleep and woke up 10 mins later. went to school with my Romeo and Juliet Poster. Lol last night was when Melissa my Sister-In-Law helped me with it and when my brother Danny came into my room looking at us and what we were doing. She said " We're working on this Romeo Juliet Project." Lol and than my brother said " O Romeo,Romeo! Where fore art thou Romeo?" xD! i was laughing and she just said "shaddup." Twas funny. But before that me and my brother went to Physical Therpy. And there was so much traffic that we went on the Hov lane in the freeway. That i was laughing a bit at the other cars that arent moving while we got there in eight minutes instead of two hours or more. I was trying to count the cars i got around five-hundred. Thats alot of cars. But I went to school and in the morning Laura wasnt there she was running late. I than went to my other class that were boring as hell till i was going to 4th period. Laura and Amanda were going to skip it and go to all four lunches. Well with so little thinking i said yes. So we went to first lunch and everyone was like.. " What are you doing here?" i said " im swimming." Hehe so crazy of me. Well after first lunch we left and went to go walk around. Than we went to 2nd lunch and i was late from walking with Laura. So i walked and sit with Emily, Julio, and the others. But we had to go because of there was a teacher in front and has already seen us in first lunch. So we had to go and sit in the back. Luckly we found some seats next to Hope. Oh by the way i was changing my hair style every lunch. First it was all up in a weird bun. Now its half way down and half way up. We than got up as we walked out side when 2nd lunch was over and than came back in for 3rd lunch. Me and Laura were the only ones together, because Amanda had left us with some other friend that also skipped. Well we were getting hungry so we went into the line. Laura got Chicken Tenders, while i got Curly Fries and a Egg Roll plus a drink for us two. We were looking for Dianna and some guys were looking at us all smiling. It was cute to see a guy smile. But enough of that we sat down and ate and talked about things. Next it was over and we went outside and than back in for 4th lunch. I saw Tabby there which i havent seen her in a long time. We talked and me and Laura was just standing up talking to Tabby. She said how bad we were and that she wouldnt do that bad. I think thats what she said. But than we saw my cousin Mario and Laura had this Crush on him. But shhh... be quiet about it because im going to get my ass kicked. Not like she can do anything tho. But i told Amanda and her friend " Go say hi to my cousin. Hes in the red sweater." And than it was funny because they went and were asking all these guys in red sweaters. But soonly she found him and asked " Hey. Do you have a cousin name Brenda? " She said he said "Yeah." and she came back and got me and Laura. We walked and i poked him and gave him a small wave " Hey Jr. " He said " Hi." Than Amanda was talking about things i have no clue. They left and i kneeled down as i can see his face, and i said to him. " How ya doing?" He said " Fine." Than i said " Hows your Dad?" He said " Uhh.. Fine." Than i got very bored of his slow response i just said " Well ill talk to you later." I left and than went back with Laura outside as we found Tabby again. Yep Tabby is everywhere. Just playing Tabby. We saw her and i told her about my cousin being in this lunch i told her and Laura did too to go find him and say hi to him. She was wanting to go in and eat something and go find him as well as we said bye. That was fun today that our friend Yadai wants to join in next time. Whenever that would be. Later on we had a Pep Rally. I think i spelled it wrong but im not sure. And me and Laura went into the top bleachers. We sat down and talked a bit of things. Then the drill team came out and did their cool stompins and beats with their feets. I want to join it next year and so does Laura. Even if they do kick us out i laugh! Well later on the Cheerleaders came out and people really dont like them. But when they were doing their cheers one of them fell when they were standing trying to Blanace on the others girls hands. That was so funny to me. We left and went back to our 6th period class. After school I waited for Laura at the corner downstairs next to her locker as her stupid Ex Boyfriend Steve poked me in the stomach as if I was that Dough Boy from tv that goes "Hee Hee" I poked him back very hard that i poked him hard in the stomach and the side. Laura came and she went to the bus and i went to the parking lot. I miss having Goleven walking with us. Damn him and his schedule change so hes far away from where I am. But today was fun!

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Updating! [13 Jan 2004|09:47pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Hey Hey! its been awhile! lol! anyways... imma write about today... well today was kinda normall.... only for i was hyper and i dunno... during gym we got alot of preps in that class and they show off in volley ball.. tinking that they are all bad! right yadai?!? lol! anyways yeah i got hit on the arm hard with a ball but im okay im a strong woman not one of the crying types WAHHH!! the ball it me!! pssh.. stfu man! lol sorry not u the girls in meh class screaming cuz volley balls are comming.. anyways after that well i have to say laura has a crush on my cuzin JR! lol! shhh!! no one say a word cuz..>> she will kill meeH! okay.. anyhoos.. 6th period was so boring... i was like blah blah blah! having keyboard for 6th period is soooo a waste of my time since im 1-3 in the fastest typer in that class.. and 3-25 around there in total im around 3 and up! yep. oh! after skool... hmm... well i walked laura to her bus.. nothing happen.. i went home.. i ate my chicken.. o.o i went to psysical thingy! from the car accident. i have to go.. >> i went.. i got a nice omg massage on meh back by this machine they have ahh i was in heaven.. i came home.. uh... i was here where i am now.. nanos pee on my bed.. i looked for fabrie and i found it i washed my sheets and clean the bed.. than i got all hyper and i started to wash dishes and clean the floor mop the floor clean furniture fold towels.. DAMN!! now i know how my mom feels! well.. imma help do things more often... o_o';; ... yeah... and im relaxing now... w00t ! thats good... im working on a drawing.. i should have it scanned soon once its cute enought to be! i know i suck as hell at drawing but its okay! well bye bye!

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Carr Acccident [07 Jan 2004|04:20pm]
[ mood | (scared) ]

my god why is everything happen that is bad to me or something? x_X i dont understand why few lil things i do wind up being a big mess.. if i would of probably got out from my class faster maybe this would of not had happen. i got out from school and having to have my brother Danny come and pick me up.. i got out a bit late than usually and had gotten into the car.. well my brother got out to the street and there was two street lanes.. left turn and right turn.well were pull out to the left turn but since it was the longest line my brother was going to go in the right lane and than out of no where this red car comes in and blocks our way making us run right into her which my brother held me back so i wouldnt hit the window or anything. it felt so horrible.. the way it felt when the two cars ram togehter and there was another car just got a scratch. well my brother yelled Muther fucking Bitch FUCK! you stupid fuckin bitch. he was soo pissed that i just had to sit there i was breathing a bit out i had this heartack and it hurt so much in my chesti still have it right now.. but we were there for a hour and 30 mins and the police named it was her fault and not my brother. her sister or sumething of the girl i found out her name was Ana she wanted to put blame to my brother but that bitch knows it was her sisters or friend or whatever ther fucking relative. but i keep wanting myself to blame because i came out late.. and i felt so bad and having the school buses run by having to see people i know like Laura saw me and Julio and Van lol she waved. but yeah... well imma stop righting i think i had a lot of things happen to me and my family for now...

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Weee! [31 Dec 2003|04:04pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wish you all a Happy New Years!
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o_O i feel so special [29 Dec 2003|02:07pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

welll... yesterday my brother joe came to visit me of my x_X stupid accident with the dog and well... o.o it was sweet! he went to blockbuster and rented me somethings first was a movie Freaky Friday x_X damn it that i have to turn it back tomarrow but o_O it hurts when i laugh alot and man did i laugh alot >> at times.. anyways that and well.. rented two games i dont even think im going to play one of them Fatal Frame 2. i started to play it but it was a bit to scary.. so i stoped.. and Final Fantasy X-2. o.o which i have to say is a bit boring with the damn missions but i got to Chapter 3 and 30% percent of the game in 1 and a half-day. o.o anyways yeah.. i also got a ice cream strawberry short cake! my favorite! =P yum! anyways yeah.. o.o i feel so special.. ack! tomarrow i have to goto the doctor and he has to look at how the stitches are going and damn x_X is it a pain in the ass with these stitiches cuz my mom has to wash my hair and i have to wash my body without having the face wet.. so i do things seperately.. x_X so much fuss but all good in the end.

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I got bitten.. [27 Dec 2003|05:16pm]
[ mood | (hurt. in pain ) ]

hiya this is brenda typing.. today was the most awful day.. in my whole life... today i was just being normal in the morning than my mom told me our dog was stuck on the fennce i tried to get him free but instead he bit me in the face.. i was bleeding alot that i almost fainted.. my mom and dad and my brother danny helped me goto the hospital and we were wainting alot... well.. now im back and i have stitches on my face... and its numb... so i cant talk... i cant barely eat... it hurts so much...

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A Present for you all... [25 Dec 2003|11:28am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I wanna Wish you all A Happy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years! ^_^and i hope i get to see ya'll soon! anyways just wanted to tell you all that and thats about it.

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SnowFlakes Falling on the Ground... [13 Dec 2003|11:23pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

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Hiya im backers [03 Dec 2003|12:27pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

well im back sorry i havent been on lately! ive been busy and my computer died. soo ill be on later on today see ya

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Sayonara... [13 Nov 2003|08:28pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Okay imma starting fresh for awhile meaning.. that you act you dont know meh anymore and keep on going on with ur lifes >> just be like ya'll never meet me just think that for me it would make me feel better some and all so just do it for meh.Theres no really good reason to use this stuff anymore.chatting, emailing, posting, its gets me bored at times so imma stop posting for while and just get off some. o.o funny but i like to spend time alone and not go out anywhere. >.< i cant really say what else. o.o i still wonder if people care for me but they dont really show it anymore. i still hope one person i know still cares for me like i do him. well anyhoos im off see ya'll in 2- 20 weeks probably around in the summer next year. I care for ya'll all no matter what. Bai Bai. *waves*

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Mann... [01 Nov 2003|11:20am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

this is a damn worst day o__O my stupid mom wont let me do shits! i couldnt go anyways yesterday and now today i cant even goto the mall.. what the hell is this? o_O huh??? someone tell me now because im getting really mad. >> owell... anyways yesterday i went to the haunted house at the school and it was funny cuz Laura yes you Laura >> were holding onto me. and than hahahaha i got ram into a wall cuz the people in front of us backed up and man.. >> i was like what the hell!! they aint gonna hurt cha.. >> and they ran out when we got out haha these two girls ran out also and fell to the ground laughins cuz they still alive but either way u would be alive o.O anywhoos. my mom was being a bitch today and i hate that she wants me to clean my room clean the living room clean ever messed up shit in the house just so she would take me to the mall. >> anyhoos yeah.. i have no fucking idea who the hell she thinks she is >> but once im 18 imma move outta this fucking house and live my own life in the street >>... im playin >> but anyhoos im just pissed off >> yep yep.. bye bye
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